Boys Basketball · Boys Basketball Fundraiser

When:  Dec. 12th

Times:  10 am and 2pm (there are two time slots, but we only ask you to sit through one time slot)

Fundraiser:  Attend one of the two 25 min Ford/Lincoln Virtual Test Drives and Ford/Lincoln will donate $25.00 to the Milwaukie Boys Basketball Program up to $3700.

Whats it for:

– workout equipment for our outside workouts




-weight room equipment

Register:  Here is the link to sign-up for your time slot:

How:  Make sure you have downloaded the zoom meets app.  Log in on the day and time of your virtual test drive.  It will take a few minutes before the presenters  let you in for the zoom meeting.  JUST STAY ON TILL THEY LET YOU IN.  Once they let you in, Ford/Lincoln walks you through two of their vehicles.  At the end of the presentation they send you an email with a link to complete a 2 minute survey.  (Each participant must stay on through the entire presentation and you must complete the 2 minute survey in order for Ford/Lincoln to donate to the program)

There is no out of pocket expense just 20 minutes of your time.  Each person who participates in Ford/Lincoln will donate $25.00 to the Milwaukie Boys Basketball program.  The Milwaukie Boys Basketball program can make $3700 for two hours of work.  Make sure each participant has their own address. One per household will count, just like the in person events so make sure each participant has a separate address.  If you are 18 years or older we highly encourage you to participate.

  1. Please post these pictures onto your social media and encourage your friends to attend.