Parent Page-What Can I Do?

I have been on the sideline as both parent and a coach, it is hard to separate the two.

I found an article a few years back that I have tried to live by as a parent and it has really helped my daughter and I. Please take the time to read it and live by it.

6 Words You Should Say Today

Your child doesn’t want you to be their coach, just their supporter. There will be days that they might be upset, let them vent, but don’t try to solve it for them. Just let them vent, encourage them to talk to me if they think it will help the situation.


They may act embarrassed, but really they love it!!

(and if they don’t I do!!)

Know that practices are open, but practices are where I encourage my players to take risks, make changes and learn new skills, they will make mistakes when doing these these things. Know that that’s OK!! That’s what I want them to do. We will never get better in anything we do if we don’t take risks and make mistakes in the process. So please don’t judge them only encourage them if you do watch.

All they want is your approval Please give it to them for hustle, trying new things, taking chances, being a good teammate, for being out there!!!